Saturday, September 8, 2007


I've got some new things to show you.
The Doctor is in and I've got plenty of knitting going on. Here are a few of my small projects that I am working on this week. I like small projects, they are easy to carry with me because I like to knit everywhere I can and they help me know that, yes, I can FINISH something once in a while....this meaning: the big lace shawl for Claudia is still in progress.


Easy, Easy, Easy and fun for the fingers. This is a scarf knitted in Blue Sky Organic Cotton. I really love it. The yarn is super soft and the pattern came from "One Skein" by Leigh Radford. Great book! She even signed the book for me...because I am the yarn doctor you, or maybe because I bought it?


The next patient on the needles is the scarf I started a couple of posts back. Knitted from the hand spun yarn by Melissa. I have decided this would be a really good item to donate to The Red Scarf Project which is being supported by our LYS Needle Nook.



This is the beginning of an aran knit purse. I picked up the pattern at Micheals Craft Store where I teach knitting. The pattern is by Patons and they actually have another free pattern posted online that is not exactly the same as this purse, but just really nice as well. You will have to sign up on the web site to get the pattern. Patons has really come up with some great new patterns this year. The Yarn Doctor recommends you check them out.


This is going to be an ankle sock. The first of a pair of identical twins I will be delivering. The due date is in another week or so. I will be sending the newborns to my niece Lianna at college to keep her feet warm this semester. I thought they had a fall kind of feel to them. Lianna if you read this, pretend you didn't. It is supposed to be a surprise ok?



Claudia said...

Love your new patients - I can't wait to see the purse. Too bad it doesn't match the shawl. ;-)))

Max said...

Have you seen this?