Sunday, November 9, 2008


Well, well, well it seems that I forgot about my blog for a few months. Truth is, life just got in the way and so much has happened. I had some time this morning and took some pics of socks I am knitting with my new cell phone camera and thought, HEY, I should post a blog entry. I was very pleased to find that I still exist on the web so here I am, back in action.

So here are the socks, or sock. A pattern I found on ravelry..very cool design...i of course changed it and knit from the toe up, as this is my favorite way to knit socks. Check out the cool dpn holder Doug picked up for me at SAFF. I love how you can put a work in progress right in this thing and not lose a needle or a stitch!!

So there it is! I have rejoined the internet community! Should have more time now for posting.

See you soon!!

knit on......

Thursday, May 22, 2008


This dog is happy!
I finished knitting this dog bed for my friend's dog Bosco. I was worried that perhaps the little guy might not know what to do with the fluffy contraption, perhaps try to eat it since it does look somewhat like a giant cheese burger. To my pleasant surprise Bosco went immediately to the bed and curled right up inside and has claimed his new space! Nothing makes a knitter happier than a recipient who likes their knitted gift!
Now that's a happy pup! Mission accomplished.

More Luxuria
Perry knitted a hat. In my last post I showed the vintage yarn he had given me and how it knitted up with a scarf. Well...using the yarn in the round gave a very different result! I love how colorways can give a totally different effect with different projects! Check this out...
Isn't that fun? I love this yarn!

That's all. Just a quickie this week. More to come.


Thursday, May 1, 2008


Vintage Knitting
My newest knitting friend Perry happened across some vintage yarn and gave me a couple skeins. LUXURIA from Bernat. Fun colors. Virgin wool....check it out:
Isn't she lovely?

Claudia has left us for Germany. I finished up a hat for her before she flew away. Here are some photos of her modeling the goods:
How's that for some Fair Isle??? I actually enjoyed making this for her. Once I got into it I turned the entire hat out in an afternoon. The pattern is the "Inga Hat" from Ravelry. Worth the effort, and rather impressive if I do say so myself! Hope she gets to wear it in Germany.
Lou also liked the hat and tried it on inside out...I think it's his best side....
And finally, Steve had his birthday last week. We all went to dinner and I gave him the socks I had promised him from last Christmas. Ok....the Doctor is knda slow....but I do deliver eventually!
Steve has very big feet. It took me a while to get these socks done! You know what they say:
Big feet.....Big socks....right?
Mr. Sock says hello there kids! Gosh I'm comfortable...hehe

That's all for this week. As you can see I am learning to use the camera and loving it.

Until next time
Knit on...

Friday, April 11, 2008


I've got a new camera!
Ok...Yarn Doctor is excited! I bought a new digital camera tonight. I took a couple of pictures playing around with it, as I have yet to read the manual! So once I do I will start getting really good shots of all my knitting and more!


Here are Lou, Claudia, and Diana at Knitch.

And this is Doug and Linda..


And this is Doug modeling his latest hat. I think he has a problem with sizing..
Paybacks are hell Doug! If you are wondering what I mean, check out the pics on Doug's blog from the weekend at the Mountain back in February...

So...that's it for the new camera so far. I have lots to do with it and now I will be motivated to blog more!

NO Smoking Update...
Today marks 30 days since I put down the cigarettes. I wish I could say I have been able to not smoke a single cigarette, but I have had a few and today was not a good day. I went down a patch size yesterday and I guess I did it too soon...once again not following the tomorrow it's back up to 14mgs patch for at least a couple more weeks until I feel more stable with all of this. I am committed to doing this, and everyone's support is very much appreciated!

Ok folks...until next post I will be knitting and taking pictures with my new toy! Until then..


Friday, March 28, 2008


I'm still here...

Hey everybody, just wanted to post real quick. Life is pretty busy right now. Working a lot and I quit smoking 16 days ago! WOO HOO...

Will get back into the groove soon and get some real blogging done.

until then,

Sunday, February 17, 2008


Up At The Mountain

Posting this weekend from The Mountain in Highlands, NC! The AKG yearly knitting retreat. And that's all I can say because....What happens at the mountain, stays at the mountain!

Got Claudia to take some pictures for me. Here is a sweater that I knitted last year for LYS Why Knot Knit.


This is the WARMEST sweater. Can't wear it much down south. Made it from Debbie Bliss Alpaca/Silk blend. It has a really nice drape to it and is a nice eye catcher too!

Here is another hat I made up here yesterday. The guys went shopping and brought me back some cool German worsted weight yarn "Big Mexico". Just enough for a hat, so all projects were immediately put on hold of course and I knitted this up:



It knit up really fast and was a super fun yarn to work with. Also superwash...woo hoo.

That's all for now...must get back to the friends at the more day of good times left!


Friday, January 11, 2008


Happy New Year

Starting off the new year with a knitted hat.


I designed this one myself. Hopefully I will get a pattern written and post it. This is my 1st New Years goal accomplished!

Knit on...