Friday, June 26, 2009



I just made a visit to Madison Wisconsin for my nephew Austin's Graduation. Wanted to put him on the blog 'cause I am so proud of him!


Here he is sporting his new diploma. I have to say, as far as graduations go I really enjoyed his! It was a very inspiring day and I am really glad I got to be there.


Here he is with Ted and Kim, the proud parents, and with Mom and me.

I got to visit one of the local yarn stores in Madison while taking a bike ride with my brother Ted...


Lakeside Fibers is a really wonderful store located right on the lake with a nice deck to sit and knit and enjoy the view.


Also, while attending the local farmer's market at the Capitol in Madison, I happened across some local knitters selling their goods!


As always, wherever I go, the knitters I come across are always welcoming and friendly, and these two were no exception. They gladly let me take their picture and I told them I would put them on the blog when I got back! Great hats...

I love visiting Wisconsin. Madison is just a really cool place. There is such a sense of community and I always feel at home there. I had a great visit. It was too short, but I am so grateful to have had such a nice time and get the chance to see what a brilliant young man my nephew Austin has become!

Knit on...

Friday, June 5, 2009

Functional Knits

Wheels and Feet

Recently, when visiting Mom, she needed a steering wheel cover because down here in the south it gets really hot and it sometimes feels like you put your hand on a hot stove burner when you get in the car to drive. Check out my version of the steering wheel cover from Debbie Stoller's book Stitch and Bitch:


I think that should do the trick!
As for other functional knits...a new pair of socks for guess who...ME!
I actually am keeping these for myself...


Designed by none other than my fabulous roommate Claudia, and this pattern is featured in another Debbie Stoller book: Son of Stitch and Bitch....patterns for men! I love these socks...knitted with Regia Cotton sock yarn.....very cool dude.

That's it for this is back in, so I gotta go do homework now. Buh Bye.

Knit On...

Monday, June 1, 2009


Visiting home...

Went home to Carrollton, Ga last week for a couple of days to see Mom and family and it was my lucky day that that the local knitting shop was having a knit night!


Ewe Knit is owned by Lin Barnett and her husband Mike. Lin unfortunately had to step out when I was taking pictures, but I did get one of Mike...


Mike is also a knitter and does most of the shop samples.
This is a wonderful store and the turn out for knit night was impressive.
Here are pictures of all the knitters and I am listing their names here as well, not in any specific order and forgive me if I misspell any!

Names: Donna Arp, Shirley Tidmore, Sandra Harlin, Connie Smiley, Beverly Dittmer, Ronda Cole, Kim Novosel, Amy Muse, Marge Brown, Denise Robinson, Joy Park, Celia Edwards, Denise Pate, Sam Sito, Nancy Stevens.

It was so nice to see all these knitters in my hometown and to see that Lynn's store is obviously thriving! No matter where I go it seems that whenever I find a knitting community they are always welcoming and wonderful! Thanks for having me ya'll.

Knit on...