Monday, January 19, 2009


Unfinished Objects...

Dug out these projects today. Seems I have forgotten about them, or just gotten in hopes of making progress on these ufo's I thought I would make them public and perhaps make myself somewhat accountable. Maybe I'll even finish one of them eventually!


This is MUIR from Knitty. I took on this project well over a year ago for my friend Nancy and I must say it is quite an undertaking. I get a repeat done in about a day and it is 13 repeats!! It is not a knit in public piece, so I have to do this at home and I actually enjoy it, but time is limited so this one may take another year!!! I'm not giving up hope though.
P.S. You know what they say about unblocked lace...looks like boiled don't judge the pics ok??


This scarf is for my friend Diana. A belated Christmas present.....say 2007!!!! Let's just say I have some very patient friends. This is a pattern from our local yarn shop Knitch. It's really very simple and not sure why I keep dragging my feet on it...perhaps because there will be a million ends to weave in when it is finished.


A scarf for me. From Debbie Stoller's latest "Son of Stitch and Bitch." It is a double knit argyle and it is SLOW to knit. I love the results, but at the rate I have been going it will be 2020 when I actually have it finished. Another that is not easy to knit in public...requires attention, and as we all know that is a challenge for the doctor. I will have to lock myself in my room for a while and get it done...or not.

DAY 15-Smokeless in's getting much easier, for the most part. Thanks for all the support so far.

Three posts in three weeks...that's a record for me. More to come...

knit on...

Monday, January 12, 2009


A few things I am knitting...

Took some pictures this morning of a few things I have been working on recently:

Been putting off getting started on these mittens. Finally got the cuff done on one of them last night and it looks good, BUT it is way too small. These are a lot of work and not sure if I want to continue and have them not fit...looks like these may be frogged..urrgh..
This Yarn was my Christmas present from Nancy and my new roommie Claudia. It is really fun don't you think? I love the colorways...and I tried several swatches before I decided on this chevron pattern...I think it really shows off the colors nicely. Thanks for the awesome gift!
This yarn is so awesome...from Blue Moon...Icelandic. I finally made something I plan on keeping for myself..I did a variation on the reversible cable scarf from "Cables Untangled" by Melissa Leapman. Made it a little smaller and did a 4 stitch cable on size 11 needles. It is really nice and warm and just in time....It's going to be cold here in Georgia this is winter right!!!

So did you catch it....yup...I am Claudia's new roommate! Just got moved in last week. The Yarn Doctor and the German...some say the odd couple, I say Laverne and Shirley...hehe...

DAY 8-not smoking still. It's really pretty easy living out here with bavgirl. She is really supportive and it's quiet without the city all around me stressing me out, making me wanna this feels like it's really gonna take this time. WOO HOO!

Back to school tomorrow. More to come...


Monday, January 5, 2009


New Beginnings...

Starting off the new year with a picturless post. Wanted to get myself started with blogging again.

Today is the 1st day of not smoking AGAIN! Yes I am doing it. I really feel like I am ready to kick the onward to a smokeless life! The ability to breath clearly and smell and taste and live longer awaits.

I have a week before I start back to school. It has been a nice break. I had a great holiday with the family and celebrated Mom's 83rd birthday on New Year's Eve. What a good time we had. Awesome memories created.

I am feeling a bit inspired this new year and hope to do more with creating patterns for my knitting as well as venturing in to fashion design at school. I am so thrilled to have this opportunity to learn and create and take a new direction in life!

Watch for more...

Knit On...