Thursday, October 11, 2007

Breast Cancer Awareness

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.

I enjoy knitting coffee sleeves for the major amounts of coffee I drink when I am out knitting in public or just enjoying my day.

Here is my latest creation:

Photo-0114.jpg Photo-0113.jpg

These coffee sleeves are easy to make. I used duplicate stitch to put the ribbon on. I found that easier than trying to carry the yarn and fair isle it since it was done in the round.


This can also be worn as an arm band. It is great for coffee cups and saves paper too. I make them all the time and get creative with them. I have posted this free pattern if anyone wants to make one for themselves.

Here are a few other ones I have made in the past as well:


There are a couple of water bottle cozies that I felted up shown as well.

That's all for today kiddo's



famous steve said...

Love the new coffee sleeves! They're so nice. I know I really like the ones you've made for me.

sharon r said...

thank you for this. i just found it on ravelry and it is going to make the most-perfect gift for a dear friend who is walking in boston's avon walk for breast cancer soon. thanks again.