Monday, March 2, 2009


Any Excuse

It snowed here in Atlanta yesterday. Nothing serious, but I felt it necessary to honor the white ground covering by staying home from school today. I'll be good and work on things from home...I promise.

Have a couple of pictures to show of hats I made for a few of my friends...


Modeling their latest hat fashions...are Jim and Kevin in a black twisted rib watchman's cap. LOVE the way these hats knit up....and Bosco is sporting a blue knitted cap with a multi-color garter stitch band...another fun project to knit.
SO....who do you think is most photogenic?


This is Kevin in the watchman's cap adding his own style....I think it is fun!

That's all for today...time to do some school work....or not....

knit on...

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Knit Witch said...

Personally I think all the hat-wearers are handsome!!