Sunday, November 9, 2008


Well, well, well it seems that I forgot about my blog for a few months. Truth is, life just got in the way and so much has happened. I had some time this morning and took some pics of socks I am knitting with my new cell phone camera and thought, HEY, I should post a blog entry. I was very pleased to find that I still exist on the web so here I am, back in action.

So here are the socks, or sock. A pattern I found on ravelry..very cool design...i of course changed it and knit from the toe up, as this is my favorite way to knit socks. Check out the cool dpn holder Doug picked up for me at SAFF. I love how you can put a work in progress right in this thing and not lose a needle or a stitch!!

So there it is! I have rejoined the internet community! Should have more time now for posting.

See you soon!!

knit on......


Knit Witch said...

I saw those at SAFF! Pretty cool - what a great gift!

Claudia said...

I LOVE MY SOCKS!!! It's getting cold, honey - when can I wear them? Hehehe...

David Thomas said...

I think the sock is great. Am trying to figure out what you are using to make it. Is it a loom or something special just for socks?

Thanks.......David, the Knittingdoc