Thursday, May 22, 2008


This dog is happy!
I finished knitting this dog bed for my friend's dog Bosco. I was worried that perhaps the little guy might not know what to do with the fluffy contraption, perhaps try to eat it since it does look somewhat like a giant cheese burger. To my pleasant surprise Bosco went immediately to the bed and curled right up inside and has claimed his new space! Nothing makes a knitter happier than a recipient who likes their knitted gift!
Now that's a happy pup! Mission accomplished.

More Luxuria
Perry knitted a hat. In my last post I showed the vintage yarn he had given me and how it knitted up with a scarf. Well...using the yarn in the round gave a very different result! I love how colorways can give a totally different effect with different projects! Check this out...
Isn't that fun? I love this yarn!

That's all. Just a quickie this week. More to come.



Claudia said...

Love your quickie ;-) More please! The doggie bed turned out great. I am very happy for you that the pup claimed it right away. And congrats to Perry - cool hat! Can't wait to see you again and finally meet Perry! HUGS!!!

famous steve said...

What a lucky dog! I'm so glad that yarn was used for a good cause. Oh, and by the way, you've been tagged for a meme. Check it out on my blog.

Matt-DC said...

Brett, that doggie thing is AWESOME!!

Jean said...

It's funny, you were worried if the dog would know what to do with the bed you knit, Bosco was probably wondering what took you so long to make him that bed. The bed looks like it will keep him warm during the cold winter months.