Monday, June 1, 2009


Visiting home...

Went home to Carrollton, Ga last week for a couple of days to see Mom and family and it was my lucky day that that the local knitting shop was having a knit night!


Ewe Knit is owned by Lin Barnett and her husband Mike. Lin unfortunately had to step out when I was taking pictures, but I did get one of Mike...


Mike is also a knitter and does most of the shop samples.
This is a wonderful store and the turn out for knit night was impressive.
Here are pictures of all the knitters and I am listing their names here as well, not in any specific order and forgive me if I misspell any!

Names: Donna Arp, Shirley Tidmore, Sandra Harlin, Connie Smiley, Beverly Dittmer, Ronda Cole, Kim Novosel, Amy Muse, Marge Brown, Denise Robinson, Joy Park, Celia Edwards, Denise Pate, Sam Sito, Nancy Stevens.

It was so nice to see all these knitters in my hometown and to see that Lynn's store is obviously thriving! No matter where I go it seems that whenever I find a knitting community they are always welcoming and wonderful! Thanks for having me ya'll.

Knit on...


Knit Witch said...

Wow - that's a great knit knit crowd!

Pixiepurls said...

I had a good friend named Amber I went to college with, she is probably around 30 now. I also got my dog Toby not to far from that town, near the Alabama state line. Many thats some turn out for knit night!

Lin@eweknit said...

Hi Brett! Thanks for the great comment on the store. Sorry I had to leave for a little while. We were celebrating the release of my pattern for "Lily's Pigtails" hat and the promotion of it by Kollage Yarns and XRX at TNNA in 2 weeks! Everybody had a great time and thought you were so much fun. They hope you come back. The next one is June 11, so come if you can. Great to see you again.


Kim said...

Great pics Brett! I enjoyed meeting you and had fun crocheting/knitting! Can't wait for another fun knit night! And if anyone happens by Carrollton, don't forget to stop by and shop at Ewe Knit!