Friday, June 5, 2009

Functional Knits

Wheels and Feet

Recently, when visiting Mom, she needed a steering wheel cover because down here in the south it gets really hot and it sometimes feels like you put your hand on a hot stove burner when you get in the car to drive. Check out my version of the steering wheel cover from Debbie Stoller's book Stitch and Bitch:


I think that should do the trick!
As for other functional knits...a new pair of socks for guess who...ME!
I actually am keeping these for myself...


Designed by none other than my fabulous roommate Claudia, and this pattern is featured in another Debbie Stoller book: Son of Stitch and Bitch....patterns for men! I love these socks...knitted with Regia Cotton sock yarn.....very cool dude.

That's it for this is back in, so I gotta go do homework now. Buh Bye.

Knit On...


Hockey Mom said...

Happy Birthday!!!!! Many many more! Mwah!

Joanne said...

Mom looks really happy with her steering wheel cover. Great!

J.P. said...

The steering wheel cover is AWESOME! I had never thought of actually making that pattern.

Love the socks, too. Very cool! :)